Hammerhead Racing

In the eleven month period starting with October 2001 and ending in August 2002 the HammerHeads have lost five very dear associates.

October 3, 2001: Mike Wallis was lost at sea in Hawaii.  He was there with Susan for the Ironman Championship.
March  12, 2002:

Lt. Terri Fussner, USN was lost at sea.  She was on a Helicopter maintenance check flight when her helicopter went down with a crew of three 10 miles from the US Hayler.

June 29, 2002: Rod V. Chaplin died while on a training run for the World Duathlon Championships.
July 14, 2002: Lt.Cmdr. James Warmowski was run down by a motorist while on an Ironman training ride.
August 11,2002: Maria Rivera, wife of Pablo was lost to a stroke.  She donated her kidney to her son Chris.


Who are the HammerHeads and why are they on Cody’s Challenge Jerseys??

Many HammerHeads are also members of the Cody’s Team.  We have a special bond with these athletes and want to help them promote their cause.

The HammerHead Triathlon Club is unique to Jacksonville.  Many of the top area triathletes came together to increase awareness of their sport and raise money for local charities.  The Club members represent Jacksonville in local, national and international triathlons and duathlons and at World Championships.

We want you to be a HammerHead too.  Join the HammerHead Triathlon Club and become part of a great team while helping support a local charity.  For a $40 annual membership you will become a member of the HammerHead Tri Club.  $10 of that fee is earmarked for a donation to the chosen charity of the year, presented at the banquet in December.  As a member you will get a HammerHead T-shirt, entry into HammerHead post-race parties, and our newsletter updating you on all our efforts on and off the race course.

A note from Joe Pelley. 

Don’t hold back because this is a racing team.  We are all eligible to become members and participate in triathlons.  I did the Beaches Area Fine Arts sprint series for the first time in 1998 (They needed someone to be last and I fit in nicely).  I am a member and I enjoy trying in the events that are for me and supporting all of the team in larger, longer events…….. We have a large contingent going to the Florida Ironman in Panama City……. elite athletes as well as 1st timers who are out to prove something to themselves….. They all get my utmost respect. 

Come join this team. They got some “cool” threads.

Here’s a link to another site for Hammerhead Racing: http://www.hammerheadtriathlonclub.com/