Athletes for Safety

Athletes for Safety came into existence in the summer of 2000 as a result of ongoing bicycle, motor vehicle accidents and continuing harassment and abuse by motorists. However be aware that if we are not riding within the “rules of the road” we provoke some of the animosity directed towards us.

The following advertisement was published in the Times-Union in October 2000. Matted reprints, suitable for hanging in offices, restaurants, grocery stores and hair salons can be ordered for $15 each.



  • We represent all athletes who share the road. We are beginners as well as accomplished athletes.  Allow us to put a face on that athlete who is sharing the streets and roadways with the motorized vehicles in this area.
  • We are your friends, co-workers, neighbors, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.
  • Please know we are not just some nuisance on the road.
  • We live, we breathe and we are important to someone.
  • Please don’t harass us, don’t pass to closely to us, don’t throw things at us, don’t blast your horn at us, and don’t hit us. It hurts. We bleed.
  • We may do Ironman Competitions but our bodies break.  We are doing these sports for physical well being and enjoyment.
  • Most of us exercise to live.  Many of us have rehabilitated from illness or injury.  We are doing preventative maintenance for the body.
  • So please know that we are not trying to take over your roadways. They belong to all of
  • Some of us ride bicycles to work, but most of us try to run and ride during periods of
    low vehicle traffic. Which is usually early morning or after six in the evening and on
    Saturdays and Sundays before the traffic heats up.

    Thanks for sharing with us and for your considerations.