Who is Cody

In 1990 Cody Hinson went to a doctor because of back pains and a tingling sensation he felt in his legs.  After extensive testing he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Cody’s initial response was “OK, what’s the cure?”.  The doctor’s response was not what Cody expected to hear.  Currently there is no cure for MS.

Cody was born in Lancaster, South Carolina on May 21, 1960.  As a child of a military family he moved on a regular basis until finally settling in the Jacksonville Beaches area in January of 1976.  Being a sports enthusiast with a love for the outdoors, Cody felt right at home in North Florida.  Cody, a graduate of Fletcher Senior High, was employed as a ship’s mechanic for Atlantic Marine and would spend all his spare time either surfing, fishing, or hunting.  Today his life has changed dramatically.

MS has taken away the career and hobbies he loved. Cody now uses a walker or on most days a wheel chair to get around. He has lost strength in his hands making simple things like writing or buttoning a shirt difficult.
Cody remains optimistic that a cure for MS will be found. In the mean time he is doing everything he can to remain in good health. A one time confessed junk food junky, he now follows a strict diet which includes vitamin supplements. On regular basis Cody goes through physical therapy which consist of exercise and swimming. He has modified his home and vehicle to allow him to remain as independent as possible.

People who know Cody will tell you “pound for pound, Cody was physically the strongest person they have ever met”. Today that still holds true, but now they will tell you it is his internal strength that inspires us all.