Team Captains

Joe Pelley, Captain

Joe Pelley, our captain passed the 72 year mark in 2008.  He has ridden the MS150 for 20 years. He started riding a bike because of a nerve injury suffered in a auto accident in October of 1988.  The injury was causing the loss of use to his left arm and shoulder. Massage and Chiropractic treatment loosened this somewhat.  But when Champion Cycling rigged a mountain bike with cruiser handlebars for him things got better fast.   That summer Joe saw the MS150 entries and felt he had a reason to ride.  Since then he has ridden over 130,000 miles, rode to Key West five times, rode across the U.S. from Los Angeles to Boston (for Multiple Sclerosis), took a week long bicycle riding and safety course, and steered the  Cody’s Challenge team for fifteen  years.   He intended to retire from cycling in 2008.  But the need to continue the “Challenge” keeps his nose to the wheel.  He was chosen as the 1998 Multiple Sclerosis Society North Florida Chapter 1st Cyclist of the Year, and carried the Olympic Torch in 1996.  These are just a few of the many awards and honors Joe has received in recognition of his hard work for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.   After developing an interest in running Joe organized the first Cody’s Challenge River Run Team in 1998.  That interest developed into a personal fitness goal for Joe to complete a marathon.  Joe has since completed the Marine Marathon in 1999, 2000, & 2001.  He is also a member of the Hammerhead Racing Tri-athlete Team.  Mostly in a support mode but he does an occasional sprint series Tri.  Although he says, “I don’t sprint, for me it isn’t a race, I just want to be here and do this.”

Never one to sit idle, Joe initiated the Athletes for Safety program to try to gain exposure of the need for motorists to give more consideration to cyclist and runners.  In the spring of 2002 we formed the Patriots Memorial Bike Ride to honor the victims and heroes of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  On 9/11/01,  250 of us rode 91.1 km to pay tribute to those who perished then and in the ensuing actions thereafter.  We have had the Memorial Ride every year since then.  Aaron Witt, Lisa Elwell, Scott McCausland, Russ Weidle, Jim & Janet Augerton and Sue Kuterka  have taken up the banner for the years since inception..  In 2008, Joe participated in his 20th MS150 and Cody’s Challenge was 15  years old. 

Bart and Jason Hinson, Co-Captains

Bart and Jason are founding co-captains of Cody’s Challenge. They have ridden the MS-150 for 16 years. When the two first rode the MS150 in 1991 they
had not heard of the disease Multiple Sclerosis. Little did they know their brother Cody would be diagnosed with M.S. nine months
later. As the disease progressed they came to realize that Multiple Sclerosis is more than a disease, it is a change in life style, a
change that effects the entire family.

Bart Hinson was born in September of 1962. He is a commercial real estate agent, who specializes in industrial and office properties, at Colliers Dickinson. Bart is married to Shelley Gardner Hinson. They have two children, their son Luke was born in March 2001 and their daughter Karah was born in March 2004. A one time competitive cyclist, on November 9, 2002 Bart completed his 1st Ironman Competition with a very good time of 11:57:49 (an Ironman consists of a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride, followed by a 26.2 mile marathon run). Bart now devotes his spare time to what he calls the three “F’s” (Family, Fund Raising and Fishing).

Jason K. Hinson began cycling in 1987 and rode competitively in the early to mid 1990′s. He was born in April of 1967 and grew up at the Beaches where he still lives with his wife, Cindy Wingate Hinson and their furry, vertically challenged and much loved “son” Vegas (puggle/dog). Jason and his wife Cindy were married in December of 1996. He is a full-time commercial real estate agent at Colliers Dickinson, who specializes in retail and office properties. Jason enjoys spending his spare time being a handyman, fishing, but most importantly he loves spending time with his family & friends. Jason always says that his family are his friends and his friends are his family. The motto to which Jason lives his life is “Live, Love & Laugh”.

Brian Corcoran, Co-captain

Brian Corcoran was born in May of 1969. A whiz with a bike wrench, Brian has been employed with Champion Cycling & Fitness since 1987. He and Co-Owner Phil Foreman now own and operate all of the Champion Stores. Brian is married to Mandy Flood Corcoran who is also a long standing member of the Cody’s Challenge Team. They now have a son, Riley who is four and a daughter, Keelan who will be two in 2009. Brian is a long time personal friend of Cody and one of the founding co-captains of Cody’s Challenge. He has ridden in the MS 150 for the last 15 consecutive years. An avid cyclist since 1987, Brian competed on both mountain and road bikes. He is a member of Hammerhead Racing and has completed his 2nd Ironman. Brian did his 1st Ironman in 2000. Despite having suffered an ankle injury in July 2002, and with virtually no training, he went to Panama City and completed the 2002 Ironman in 16:49:45. Both feet were blistered and he was hobbling a bit 5 days later. But he is all heart, IRONHEART. Brian is the hard working businessman these days but when “partying is a part of business” he can be “all business”.

Lisa Elwell, Co-Captain

Lisa Elwell joined the Cody’s Challenge Bike Team in 2001 for the MS ride. She has been an MS Top Banana for 6 of those years. After riding with the group for many years, she has taken over the responsibility of leading the weekly rides, along with Aaron Witt. She is also on the organizing committee for the annual Patriot’s Ride that the group sponsors. A long-time rider, originally from Massachusetts, transplanted to Florida over 28 years ago, Lisa is an avid rider. She has completed the Cross Florida Bike Ride twice (a ride of about 180 miles) in 9 hours 4 minutes and numerous century rides.