Our History

What started out as a simple challenge from Cody Hinson to a few friends and family members has grown into the largest cycling team in the North Florida MS 150 bike tour for the tenth consecutive year.

In the spring of 1994 Bart and Jason Hinson along with close friends Alfred Perkins and Jerry Johnson were reminiscing about the MS 150 Bike tour they completed in 1989. Bart’s and Jason’s brother Cody, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990, overheard the conversation and asked if they had ever considered attempting the event again. The challenge was on.

When Joe Pelley heard of this challenge he suggested that a team be formed and asked if Cody would lend his name to the cause. What started out with a handful of riders quickly grew into a team of 60 members raising over $12,500.00 in its first year. This year, Cody’s Challenge had 180 members complete the event raising over $42,000.00.

In 1998 Cody’s Challenge expanded to include a River Run Team. The River Run event is not used to raise funds for the MS Society, but instead the 110 member Team of runners and walkers participate in the event to raise public awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. To quote Brian Corcoran, “People see the jerseys and ask ‘What’s Cody Challenge?’ and the conversation usually ends with ‘Where can I sign up or make a donation’”.

Today the Cody’s Challenge Team is a diversified group of cyclists, runners, walkers, and volunteers who share a common goal of ending the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.